Two-level penthouse project of 250 sq.m.

The entrance to the apartment and shared areas is located on the top floor with panoramic windows around the perimeter. In the interior we used calm, noble, classic tones — white, cream, and shades of gray different in brightness. But we applied this colour scheme in modern trends, created a warm cozy space filled with natural materials and soft contrast. Veneered boards gives a special atmosphere.

All objects in the living room create a modern image: a simple, concise modular sofa with ataman-pouf; frame chairs that support the vertical dominant - a modern sculpture composition of glass and painted steel. "Caution! I have a TV set here! ”- what else to say about the home screen, which is like a large piece of glass leaning against a wall.

Combine the kitchen and dining room or living room and dining room? In the project, we created an optimal layout with convenient zoning. A smooth transition from the living room to the kitchen is accompanied by a thin haze of fabric. The feeling of open space, full of light, is also created by using the exterior chair and lamps without cover. The secluded and laconic kitchen has clear boundaries, thanks to the location between the two dark surfaces: the wall and the working area.

The interior does’t need extra details. You can notice the full-size dressing room and guest bathroom only by handles of high doors, inscribed in the plane of the wall. Vertical rhythm pulling space and being seen in the mirrors and shelves of the wardrobe, in profile and wall lamps. The center of the guest bathroom composition is an elegant basin. The functional lighting of the mirror underlines the relief of the ceramic panel.

Lighting in the bedroom is planned in a special way. An open doorway of the dressing room and the glass partition of the bathroom give a full natural light to the spacious room. In the evening, the head of the bed is gently illuminated by glass balls, spotlights help in the passage area, and the dark block is highlighted by the profile lighting. Floral ornament is appropriate everywhere, the main thing is to choose the right scale. A large bas-relief with leaves is a great accent for a laconic interior.

Cleanse your body and mind in a neutral bright bathroom. The warm colour scheme looks very traditional and harmonious, and the lighting and geometry of the lines is modern. Calmness, functionality and a bit of narcissism. Why not if there is a diffused warm light in the shower, heated bench and full-length mirror. A single level of a wooden floor creates a special comfort. For such constructive solution of the shower we had to raise the floor level of the adjoining bathroom and dressing room.

Simplicity is the natural result of perfect development. A truly good designer, adhering to the principle of Occam's Razor, uses a minimum of lines and shapes for the best result. There is only one decor here and it is light – clear, bright and functional. Profile lamps on the dark side extend the narrow corridor. Thin, as if from paper, a ladder without risers adds air. Cold light hides the lack of communication with the external environment. In a closed space without a single window there is no feeling of tightness and discomfort.

Unwanted irritants. It is about bright colours and fancy shapes. A suitable version of the colour solution - neutral, pastel colours. Moderation in design is compensated by a simple graphic composition. The right weapon in a fight against chaos is a multi-level storage system. The combination of open and closed cells teaches order and independence. No matter how monochrome the rest of the house looks like. Calm interior of the child’s bathroom includes a couple of bright accents with clean and well-defined lines.