The twinhouse concept for a small European-type village in the Moscow region.

The main task was to develop a unified architectural concept of a beautiful and modern house, to create a standard for people who are tired of living surrounded by heterogeneous clumsy houses.

Uniform requirements for the number of floors, building area, finishing materials and their colours to each owner determine the modern approach to the suburban housing format.

Twinhouse is designed for two owners (they will have only one common wall) and is suitable for year-round use. Scandinavian style - strict, with gable roofs, dark facades and panoramic windows will remain relevant for several generations ahead.

The idea of the project is cleanliness and simplicity of forms, the use of environmentally friendly materials with energy-saving properties, freedom of planning and a smooth transition from exterior to interior.

A barn board impregnated with a hydrophobic composition is used for the exterior finish and the covering of the terraces. The roof and facades of the house are lined with steel folding panels in anthracite color. Ascetic format of decoration without excessive details looks great for long snowy winters.

Street space is visually connected with private space due to various pavement areas, open parking lots and “through” panoramic windows.

Facades facing the street play the role of a visual and sound barrier between the house and the external environment (street, transport, neighbours), so they have only a few windows. Panoramic windows, primarily affecting the interior design, focus on the facades facing the courtyard.