Harmonious and solid interior apartments for married couple in Yekaterinburg. It is a fresh and modern space filled with "antiques of the future».

The light and spacious room is saturated with faceted volumes as from the canvases of geniuses of analytical cubism. The dynamic composition of the flats and calm shades creates a rich interaction of form and space in the interior. Large proportions and crisp figures are softened by the rounded contours of the sofa, sepia shades and diffused light. Muffled tones create the effect of a stalled time. The full-size mirror in the compact hallway hides the dressing room and creates the illusion of increasing space. The laconic plane of the home theater masks the complex geometry of the panoramic glazing and forms a comfortable and privacy space. Such a solution will allow you to  soak oneself in your favourite book and enjoy the view of the evening city with particular elegance.

The open and practical purist kitchen is flawlessly integrated into the living and dining area. A monolithic block with a lively texture of marble and a "uneven" kitchen front rid of the feeling of being in a purely utilitarian cooking space. Harmonious planning allowed us to create a competent chain of scenarios: from comfortable cooking in a functional work area to an aperitif at the bar counter and pleasant conversation at dinner with family. The achromatic colours of the dining room furniture perfectly fit into the colour range. Transparent gloss and soft plasticity of the chairs gave the dining area lightness and elegance.

Muted shades, natural materials and textiles in the soft zone create a relax effect. A clear division of space, a minimum of distracting details and a contrast of volumes increase the effectiveness of work. The desktop, enclosed in the functional geometry of light planes, and the view of the busy city landscape give the room the format of "open space". A hint of the status of the creative personality of the host, distinguished by plasticity of mind and hardness of decisions, is read in the dynamics of elements from natural wood, the rough texture of the concrete surface and bright searchlights. Keeping the rhythm of conversation in such an energetic atmosphere contributes to a comfortable sofa.

Minimalism, clarity of lines and no extra details - everything you need for a guest bathroom. Easy contrast of vertical and horizontal rhythms, smooth and rough surfaces.