Two-level penthouse in Moscow

The main feature of the penthouse area of ​​308 sq.m. is airiness and natural connection with the environment of the natural park by the river. The interior is characterized by scale, combined with scenic views. Using the noble textures of stone, wood, metal, leather and textiles of natural warm shades in combination with elegant panoramic glazing, we added solemnity to the interior and strengthened the presence of natural harmony.

The three-bedroom apartment has rooms for relaxing and socializing: a cozy living room, a dining area, a professionally equipped kitchen and a spacious terrace. A floor height of 5 m made it possible to organize two suspended mezzanine levels: a private office and a dressing room at the main bedroom.

We approached the choice of each element of the common space equally and down to the smallest details, whether it was a hall with a touch of industrial architecture or a futuristic spiral staircase with an exit to the terrace. This gave the interior a sense of consistency and depth.

We are impressed by the trends in modern style, which has become softer, lighter, richer and more diverse in terms of textures. The feeling of luxury is created with a thin palette of materials and complex details. Natural stone and wood dominate the living room interior. The crushed surface of the slabs works as a picturesque background. Veneer, tinted in a darker shade, used in the decoration of the floor, columns and most of the walls. We gave the texture of coarse wood to the light concrete on the ceiling and the upper part of the walls.

All materials are combined with each other. There is a contrast, but there are no screaming, pronounced elements that can lose relevance over time. The interior turned out harmonious, tactilely pleasant, elegant and at the same time very practical.

The gallery space with a total area of ​​68 square meters, including the living room, kitchen and dining room - is the center of the apartment with intriguing details.

For example, a fireplace in the living room, built of glass blocks - a symbol of machine aesthetics, or a suspended lamp-mobile in the dining area. And, of course, a particularly impressive spiral staircase, referring to the works of Le Kobuzye. It is the rare component of the interior, the security formula of which can be calculated, and the beauty formula can only be felt.

Materials "invite to touch and feel": a dining table made of solid wood, which keeps the warmth of the master's hands, veneered panels of the kitchen monoblock and columns, chipped stone of the bar counter. All space is built on a similar perception.

Trusting our vision and approach, the couple found an interior that matches their lifestyle. The living area is the dining room, where the hostess will serve an exquisite dinner, and the owner will carefully take care of the guests, making sure that the glasses are filled with aged wine. The laconic kitchen will serve for healthy breakfasts and leisurely aperitifs at the weekend, and the soft zone - for relaxation to lounge music.

The master bedroom of the project is hidden from prying eyes behind a high door embedded in the mirror surface of the dining room wall.

With obvious conciseness of forms, bright shades of copper made the interior expressive. The visual concept is based on the asymmetry of large volumes and light accents, the game of rich textures and a noble warm color palette. It leaves in a light shade of champagne on a strict bed, in a dark one - on the surfaces of bedside tables and perfectly sets off the warming copper.

The centerpiece is a moving and sparkling chain mail at the head of the bed. A weightless staircase leads to a transparent suspended floor, along which there is a hidden dressing room decorated with mirrored stripes. Light wood, glass steps and handrails not only make the staircase soaring and light, but also add sensuality to the interior.

An incredible level of inward peace and romance in a space filled with a sense of spaciousness and air is the main value of the interior.

The main bathroom is built as a separate room with a refined simplicity

The image of antique terms is created by grooved planes of walls with a pronounced vertical geometry, light-saturated space and warm sand shades. Spicy detail of the interior is a glass partition in the mezzanine dressing room.

The stone font turns the bathroom into a boudoir, where the atmosphere is in the first place, and sensations in the second. Сlose relationship between human and nature, expressed in the use of natural finish, is the leitmotif of the penthouse.

The new meaning of luxury in the interior is achieved not by a vulgar demonstration of material superiority, “rich” materials and brands. The essence of the timeless interior is in expensive, but balanced material. They create a new luxury associated with culture and above all putting restraint and elegance.

A special feature of the penthouse is a 91-square-meter cascade terrace facing the river bank and a natural park. It is a harmonious continuation of the laconic interior, created in a noble warm palette.

The entrance from the spiral staircase leads to the first level of the terrace - the dining area. The round table with 12 seats is ideal for summer dinners in the fresh air in a large company. A summer kitchen with barbecue area is organized nearby.

A cozy place to relax is located in the center of the terrace. The glass fence leaves the panoramic view as open as possible. This creates a feeling of complete freedom and unity with the surrounding landscape. Open SPA-zone with a hot tub is the standard of luxury real estate, which will be envied by every adept of the philosophy of self-love.