The apartment project with a total area of ​​124 m in Chelyabinsk is designed for mom and son. Balance and harmony combined with emotional accents. The interior in which you can make a "aesthetic journey", enjoy the purity of natural materials and elegance of form. The main space is solved in light shades with dark accents. The portal of the working area of ​​the kitchen with delicate veins of marble on an apron, which perfectly complements the wooden surfaces of, harmoniously fit into the soft colour scheme. The dark-coloured dining group is a bright accent of the dining area. It adds strict elegance of dinner parties and the weightless petals of pendant lamps - the feeling of the coming triumph. Separate living area helps to contemplate and relax. The asymmetry in the plastic forms of the sofa, the painting that repeats the delicate pattern of marble and the absence of unnecessary details make the interior much more expressive.

The main task that we solved in this interior was to get rid of the feeling of tightness. A large “floating” mirror expands the space of a narrow corridor. Capacious storage systems that frame the entrance group to the living room and the elegant white wardrobe together form a comfortable space. Natural materials, soft shades and diffused light determine the character of a home full of warmth and comfort.

The bedroom is an elegantly decorated boudoir with a bit of artistic modesty and verified functionality. The status of the interior is emphasized by the geometry of the bed frame, creating the image of an old alcove in a modern interpretation. Tinted glass in the bathroom adds some liberty and a luxurious dressing room keeps the most important things, without hiding the best. The airy partition separates the space and adds intangible comfort. Beautiful texture and soft shine of light wood make out and emphasize the volume of the room. Exquisite nuances that complete the image - a sophisticated chaise longue and a pouf with delicate illumination.

The main bathroom has a truly homely atmosphere. Contrast planes are assembled as a puzzle of harmonious volumes, welcoming the rationality and asceticism of the situation. The even-flooded ceiling gently glints in the luxurious dark gloss of the marble canvas. The texture of the tree smoothes the visual "coldness" and gives lightness. Restrained forms of decor practically complement the natural interior. A huge advantage is the natural light penetrating the smoky glass. As a light veil, it divides the room and expands the space. The guest bathroom is accentuated by large-format marble. Its sophistication and luster create a really expensive and at the same time laconic interior.

The dream of any child is to have a room where everything will remind you of your favourite sport. The dynamics of light and shade on the edges of a frozen icy rock at the head of the bed is set by profile lighting. The texture of the walls follows the rugged ice of the hockey box. And, of course, the main accent element that awakens the spirit of rivalry and excitement is the boy’s hero in the spotlight. The decor of the room for an active boy is practical and restrained, cold tones. However, it does not seem spartan due to the use of different textures and shades. The main criterion is convenience. In the balanced symmetry of the bright work area arises sense of order and concentration. Step racks not only store books, souvenirs, toys, but also hide a beveled corner by the window.