Residence on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Concept

The architecture of a unique residence project, 60 km from Dubai, is determined by the golden section rule - this is a rule of general proportion, which creates a universal composition. Mathematicians call it the formula of perfect harmony.

The “divine essence” of the complex of four objects consists in the “asymmetric symmetry” of the ratio of volumes and their location on the sides of the golden rectangle.

The villa, a garage with a helipad, stables and an open playpen on the beach refer to the restrained aesthetics of minimalism and gently fit into the calm terrain of the peninsula, making up a company for a lonely lighthouse on the edge of a cliff.

Laconic volumes are designed to be in harmony with the environment, imitating differences in the heights of the natural rocky coast.

Resistant to external influences, travertine and concrete with a relief structure dissolve facades in a sandy landscape and solve one of the main location problems - coastal winds saturated with salt.


The powerful image of the main building of the residence is synthesized from the surrounding landscape and breaks stereotypes, literally floating above the ground.

Plastic villas, repeating the smooth contours of dunes, creates the effect of both closed and open space. The residential floor, massive and strict, as an oasis rises from the water, giving a saving shadow and maintaining the natural microclimate of the interior.

It is impressive that you can get inside the villa only by the access road that passes over the pool. In the center - an elevator that raises the car to the level of the residential floor of the villa. The spiral staircase ends with a large light lantern, which by day gently diffuses the light, and at night it opens up a stunning view of the starry sky.

The building, round in plan, provides flexibility of planning decisions, comfortable perception of space. Large planes of windows and a terrace, located around the perimeter of the floor, open a 360-degree view.

Garage with a helipad

The one-story cylindrical volume of the garage, one-piece from the side of the access road, opens up a parking space for 8 cars facing the bay. A small pond in the center is surrounded by a wall of bleached laminated glass.

A long concrete road to the villa gives coolness: a wall of water near the garage falls into an open pond that continues the strict lines of the road and passes into the shady pool under the villa. The architecture of the residence has absorbed both the coast and the local desert - hence the continuous interaction of the water surface and surfaces in shades of dry land.

Stable and riding arena

It is impossible to imagine a residence of this level without a modern horse maintenance complex, because the race industry and thoroughbred horse breeding became the second basis for Dubai’s welfare after “black gold”.

Respecting the traditions, we placed a stable and an open riding arena in the southern part of the residence.

The volume of the stable is subject to the laconic axes of the rectangles that form the helix of the golden section. We added the dynamics leaving the structures of the wall readable.

A wall of embossed concrete gracefully surrounds the sandy shore, forming an open riding arena. Fascinating harmony in the plastic volumes of natural and man-made forms.