Two-level house a few meters from the water surface - the embodiment of the unity of space and form, textures and shades.

Residential premises of the second level are located at a height safe from floods. The first level includes: a garage for land and water transport, outdoor parking and a spacious terrace with a barbecue area.

The main design feature is the placement of carrying walls and supporting structures in the central part of the building. Due to this solution, the area of the second level increases and it keeps the terrace space open.

Shared area takes the most space of the second level and includes an airy hall, an open living room, a combined kitchen and dining room that overlook the lake, a guest restroom and a utility room. There are also two bedrooms with big windows, a walk-in closet and a restroom for the hosts only.

Buffering area comprises of a small yard with tall trees which functionally divides the shared and private space, enhancing the connection of the indoor content with the outside environment. Sophisticated and ergonomic layout design together with panoramic windows makes it possible for the rooms to be filled with natural daylight at any season.

A spacious terrace with a practical alley and walkway system covers most of the first level area. A driveway leads to an outdoor parking and a cavernous garage which also has an entrance to the second level domestic premises. On the side of the lake there is a ramp to launch a barge.A steam bath made of a massive cast stone is equipped with an exit to the dock.

The unique, natural texture and relief of the facade is created by massive chipped marble slabs. Reliable, durable house, like a rock towering over the lake.

Dark textured concrete is in the background. It is used for decoration of uninhabited premises: garage and a steam bath. The surfaces of the terrace and the pier are covered with a decking, which is in perfect harmony with the texture of natural stone. All enclosing structures made of metal and painted black.