Country house of 308 sq.m. with "natural disguise."

Once, a man tired of a big city’s blare and bustle asked the LAD team to create a special project that could bring him back to his childhood spent in the village. We believe that we did it perfectly.

First of all, we were inspired by original architecture based on the simplicity of the lines and the natural beauty of the forms. Located in a picturesque place, the house is integrated into the surrounding nature as much as possible.

Strict, rhythmic volumes and ultra-minimalist palette advantageously accentuate the richness of the local flora. The dark brick is faced with alder poles, which are nicely cast silver in the sun. Contrast textures and precise geometry give depth to facades.

The house consists of two laconic blocks connected by a gallery. The first includes a garage for two cars, a small spa area and private rooms of the owners. The second is a large single space that combines the living room, dining area and kitchen. It is surrounded by a terrace with an outdoor solarium, a cozy patio and a small meditation garden with a pond and fruit trees.

A powerful means of influencing emotions is the light that forms space. Panoramic glazing creates an atmosphere of freedom and lack of borders inherent in organic architecture.

Such architecture is due to the desire of man to once again become part of the outworld. The trend of "eco-friendly" first of all conveys the conscious, heart-felt unity of the parts and the whole.

In the evening hours, the diffused lighting snatches the recessed parts of the facade from the darkness and creates clear edges.

Architectural lighting transforms the sleeping house, emphasizing the rhythm of the surfaces without disturbing the integrity of the volume.