This minimalist interior at first glance conquers with its simplicity and serene atmosphere.

The modesty of the color palette, a lot of interesting details and their interrelation have created a delicate and memorable image.


This Interior is created for a conservative married couple who prefers classic noble materials and simple elegant solutions that will not go out of fashion.

We have created such a design with the help of understandable expressive means. The color scheme is not overloaded with complex combinations and the forms of furniture are easy to read.

Natural texture of stone and wood emphasized the idea of building a room in half tones and added a variety of textures to the interior. The achromatic range of colours looks elegant precisely because of the choice of muted shades.

An important role in a neutral interior is played by reflected light. Polished brass elements in a natural shade create an atmosphere of comfort in the "cold" living room.

The industrial partition of glass blocks delicately separates the living area from the light dressing room, adding volume and soft, diffused light.


A limited palette of materials - light wood, brass and gray stone - allows achieving minimalistic and strict aesthetics in the common space of a cozy kitchen-dining room.

The noble shine of the metal gives the desired degree of luxury. The right balance of textures creates a light and memorable interior that will never merge into one bright spot.

The laconic surfaces of the kitchen with built-in appliances logically continue the open space. The main rule of design - a minimum of things and a maximum of space.


The glossy surfaces of the walls dissolved the boundaries of space and visually made the dark outline of the room easier.

The contrast of shades of planes balanced the modest volume of the main bedroom. Muted gray and beige shades of wood became the perfect backdrop for laconic pieces of furniture.

The austerity of the interior was diluted by the soft lines of the head of the bed, the rounded shapes of the pouf, lamps and mirror. Brass details continued the integrity of the image of the apartment.

Dressing table, as a stylish element of boudoir, created a theatrical effect in the light of a floor lamp.


The guest bathroom is hidden in the stone volume of the living room, like a secret room carved into the rock.

The whole space is enclosed in the brutal texture of gray marble, whose coldness and static character is emphasized by diffused light and warm metal gloss. Dynamics in the rhythm of brass profiles draws the image of the swift flows of the waterfall in the dawn sun.

The simple geometry of stands and mirror emphasizes the plasticity of space.

Stone also plays a key role in the main bathroom of the project.

Gorgeous white marble immerses in an atmosphere of privileged simplicity, the metal in the decor repeats the shade of an expressive pattern of streaks.

Functional solutions define the sophisticated image of the bathroom: hidden shelves for cosmetics, a wide sink and a laconic towel bar that unites the space.


Perforated panels, a variety of gray shades plus matte black accents - a masculine bedroom for a teenager that supports the natural light textures of the whole space of the apartment. It is pleasant to create, relax, and learnIn in a laconic monochrome interior.

The relief at the head of the bed provided the necessary texture for a beautiful light-and-dark pattern and became an excellent background for TV. The complex geometry of the corner at the entrance removed the visual discomfort and created a comfortable viewing angle.

To maintain the texture of the wood and add more light, we covered part of the walls and the wardrobe with veneered panels. The space was filled with air due to diffused light around the perimeter and descending stepped shelves.