150 sq.m. apartment.

The kitchen and dining room combining warm and cold colours, natural and artificial materials. The main role is played by the working zone of the hostess - a professional pastry chef. The purpose of the room can be easily change from the separate “working space” to the part of the living room. The “glass fabric” of movable partitions, similar to linen textiles on the window, is created by metal grid.

Functionality, conciseness and gloss of the modern work area are contrasted by a cozy dining room with a massive, rough wood panels. Each panel was made by with a specially blunted tool, which is creating the effect of poorly treated wood.

The living room and the dining room are connected by coarse wood panels from. Vertical rhythm breaks the monotonous of the walls, black gloss glass contrasts with brushed wood.During the day, the harmonious, open space is filled with the natural light. A combination of point and profile lamps by is used for evening lighting. It is interesting to look closely at each room of the project. For example, black glass among the wooden panels of the living room and dining room suddenly flashes like the amber of centuries-old pine.

Soft textile walls, rounded contours of the bed, a thin curved line of bedside tables, the texture of wood on the facade of the wardrobe, warm evening light - all this reduces the coldness of gray, fills the space with comfort. The door duplicates the folds of the Sangiacomo wardrobe with elegant metal handles. Contrast wall braces - the best combination of functionality and aesthetics. Each element of the interior in its place. Even such an ordinary thing as a radiator becomes an element of decor.

In a kids room, especially designed for two, should be a lot of space for sleeping, studying and playing. In the project we decided to combine the bedroom and the balcony into a harmonious space. The process is laborious and technically difficult, but it is definitely worth it. Neutral gamma, muted tones, natural materials and plenty of light - one of the most memorable stages in a person's life must take place in such atmosphere. Here everything is fair, everything is equal. Each functional area is clearly divided into two, because children must learn to respect other people`s interests, and therefore no tears and offenses. Maximum natural light falls on the studying area. In the evening, the space is organized by the local lightning.

Freestanding bathtub is a great solution for a spacious room. Pure white colour, smooth shape and an elegant floor-mounted mixer gives the interior a luxury and elegance, indispensable for SPA lovers. Mirror canvas wall expands the room and visually multiplies the space. Transparent walls of a shower cabin and a floating ceiling with linear illumination around the perimeter perform a similar function. The unusual format of porcelain stoneware sets the geometric rhythm. Washing and drying machines are comfortably combined into a compact unit, optimally located in the far corner of the bathroom.

A —Āombination of calm gray and deep blue, similar in color range, visually enhances the room, relieves aggression, restores peace of mind. The vertical rhythm of the built-in wardrobe, minimalist pouf of similar color, the single material of the floor and the walls and high interior doors create the integrity of the space.

In the decoration of a small guest bathroom we use wide-format canvases of light-colored porcelain tiles and spot lights. This makes the room spacious and restrained. Behind stylish simplicity hides verified design solutions - the elegant texture of marble, plenty of light, an unusual form of basin and wc, laconic accessories.