A new project of a two-level house in modern style in Samara, in which we propose to get rid of unnecessary things, stop fussing over trifles, focus on really important and come to minimalism. 

Kitchen is designed as a single, closed element. Volume isolation is supported by colour and tinted glass partition. At the same time, texture of the tree smoothly unites the kitchen and dining area, a similar plastic of hanging lamps and hood fan completes the composition. A full-sized metal partition hides a staircase, first steps are built into the functional podium, and a small carpet unites these elements into a single volume.

Guest bathroom is divided into two contrasting, commensurate colour blocks. The first is a wc, where the integrity of the volume is achieved through materials: door and hidden cabinet are faced with porcelain gres tiles to match walls. Sink countertop plays role of a bench in an open shower of the second block with a mini-sauna. His "warm minimalism" echoes elements of the Finnish interior.

Large-scale colour blocking is repeated in the strict hallway: expressive, contrasting shades emphasize geometry. Dark porcelain tiles on the floor and a mirror create the illusion of continuing the room. Details add elegance to a discreet laundry: wooden handles of a closed storage system, a sleek working area and ductility of the ceiling lights.

Orange is one of the first colours that a baby can distinguish and the best choice of a bright accent in a light children's room. Soft shade unites several surfaces and does not split up the room. Pastel colours expands the close space of the attic floor. Layout concepts is dictated by the ceiling level. The high wall has a spacious wardrobe, a climbing wall with rings and a headboard. The combination of open and closed shelves is located in the lowest part of the room. Drawing on the glossy surface of the wardrobe a child can take part in design of his own home.

Light and airy interior of the bedroom is not overloaded with details. Delicate pastel colours and light textures, fabrics and wood of natural shades and of course diffused light are used to achieve sophistication and at the same time naturalness. Presentable private office combines natural stone and wood, massive furniture and a leather sofa. In such a personal interior it is easy to solve any problem and then lie back in a comfortable chair, take a sip of flavoured coffee and enjoy the view.