Little Owl


236 sq.m. house with 2 bedrooms

Turn monotony into an elegant mix. We take a relaxing, calm beige, cool it with aged black and add bright quartzite. In this tandem there is no dominance, shades dissolve in each other.

Created from modern elements, composition of the living room quotes the classics. Bay window, double-height space and a three-level chandelier add aristocracy to the interior. Table of concrete and glass supports the strict geometry of the kitchen, framed by a decorative rack. Ball lamps complete the composition of the room, change its status from the cooking zone to a unique art object.

In first bedroom we create contrast of classic and modern style for a young girl. The rich fretwork stands out from under the slice of a minimalist wall like a forgotten canvas found under a layer of fresh paint during restoration. Profile lighting at the juncture of colours reveals the texture of stucco and increase contrast. Maximum practicality, minimum decor and as a bright touch juicy yellow accents. Second bedroom continues style of common area of the project: beige, aged black and bright quartzite on the floor. –°anvases, as if temporarily attached to the wall by a wide ottoman, a sculpturesque armchair and a minimalist floor lamp create an image of a bohemian studio. Geometry of black matte walls with hidden doors leading to the bath and dressing room supports the profile lighting system.

In main bathroom organization of the space is dictated by a large window. Dark shades are balanced by ease of the elevated bath area. A lot of natural light, pergola, giving a sense of open space, light wood and a contrasting black font create an image of a traditional Japanese bath - the temple of purity. Black marble volume is complemented by hidden doors, a through shower and a laconic wc and bidet. In the second suspended profile lamps create a dynamic geometry that widen the space. Light slides over the full-size mirror, the glass partition of the built-in shower, the glossy surface of the tiles and the hidden cabinet above the installation.

In a modest volume of the third bathroom with a familiar combination of calm, seasoned shades, we added rebelliousness. A fresh, hastily created design revived free zebras stretching towards the water. Straightness of forms and clear construction, which are characteristic of constructive direction of modernity, are embodied in the unique ladder. Metal construction with rectangular arches-fences is in harmony with dark planes of the walls and prevailing vertical rhythm of hidden doors.