Tandem of Spanish architecture traditions and modern individuality in our last project of a three-story 480 sq.m. mansion in Sant Feliu de Guixols.

The multi-level structure of the building is due to active relief. Numerous stairs and passages segment the territory, combining the structure with the surrounding landscape into a single harmonious composition. Rather simple and concise volumes on the side of the access road increase the sense of autonomy and isolation from the outside world. The strict geometry of the stepped facades is complemented by spacious terraces, a mechanical pergola, awnings of various widths and a stylish pool with a glass wall overlooking the majestic seascape.

During the day, the colours of the sea, sky and greenery surrounding the house collect light facades into a single volume. With the onset of dusk appears a charming contrast of light and shade, a gradient from cold to warm. Scattered and local light on the facades, spot lighting of the stairs, light accents of multi-level platforms and paths of the garden highlight the silhouette of the building and emphasize the relief. The main resting place is a spacious first-level terrace with comfortable seating for guests and hosts.

The second-level terrace includes a dining area, an open solarium, a relaxation area and a swimming pool. Protection from the scorching sun provides a massive mechanical pergola that connect the volumes of the first and second levels. Bright colours are lost in the sun, that's why protruding elements of the facades are lined with white ceramic granite, and the internal ones with a darker texture of travertine. Materials are resistant to fading and exposure to humid, salty sea air.

The middle level of the house includes a living room, dining room and kitchen. At the bottom level - a sauna, gym and guest bedrooms. On the upper level there are two bedrooms and two children's rooms.