Three-story villa on the Mediterranean coast at Sant Feliu de Guixols, total area 465,8 sq.m.

The interior of a spacious and light house in Spain turned out to be fresh and modern, but at the same time filled with traditional details.


The common space of the second floor (165 sq.m.) includes a living room, a kitchen and a dining area. An open layout and panoramic windows combine interior and exterior space - a spacious terrace with a swimming pool.

Cool white is spilled on walls and furniture, while marble with gold streaks and travertine bring warmth. Visual depth adds a smoky shade to the walls covered with lath panels. Their relief is emphasized by the soft light of the profile lamps.

The dominant laconic marble volume with a fireplace creates a modern sustained image and hides in itself a carrier column. Thin brass table legs and a drop-down floor lamp increase the vertical rhythm, refresh and complement the interior, giving it completeness and harmony.

The minimalist metal ladder is thin and elegant, as if cut out of paper, enclosed in a glass pocket.


The strict and clean volume in the haze of the finest fabric marks a luxurious dining area that completes the spacious open space.

Sliding windows do not interfere with enjoying the spectacular scenery and can quickly unite the dining room and terrace, letting in a light sea breeze.

Marble table with massive and transparent legs, chairs upholstered in delicate pearl leather and thin brass lamps transform the dining area in the hall for elegant receptions.

The portal of the kitchen work area with delicate veins on the apron harmoniously fit into the closed facades, whose smooth surfaces and clean lines do not create visual noise.

At the request of the customer, the island of white marble has a free working surface, ideal for breakfast.

Air and elegance are brought up to the uncluttered kitchen thanks to the weightless bar stools and the thin line of the built-in lamp that emphasizes the height of the ceiling and the freedom of space.

The interior of the common area of ​​the house is brought together due to the textures: in the snow-white space dominates the picturesque travertine floor. It looks colorful on the general minimalist background and furniture and walls in fresh light shades are his laconic opponents.


Children's room attracts with its lightness, enveloping softness - both in lines and in a palette.

The interior is decorated in a muted pastel color spectrum: pearl white, cream and taupe with a pink subtone. There is almost no color, but the monochrome becomes expressive due to the wealth of “colorless” shades and the variety of wall decorations.

A full-size mirror with a hidden door duplicates the picturesque landscape and, together with the panoramic glazing, expands the boundaries of the room. Rack wall at the head of the bed continues the vertical plastics of thin tulle and continues in a small partition. A cozy corner created in this way gives emotional comfort, separating the sleeping area from the entrance. Perhaps the most neutral background in the room is the laconic facades of the wardrobe.

The windows facing south-east let through the dawn rays, which fill the space with a soft morning palette. Delicate accents add comfort: knitted pouf and a duet of a large pendant lamp and wicker work chair.


Gorgeous guest bathroom of 6.1 sq.m.

In a space saturated with natural textures, the focal point was a round mirror with soft lighting and lightweight pendant lights.

The bathroom is framed by noble white marble with golden streaks in harmony with brass elements. This combination looks elegant, but not defiant.

The horizontal layout of the stone is combined with a wide tabletop and changes the perception of space, expanding the small room.

Adhering to the natural palette, we paid attention to different stone textures that create an interesting tactile space.


Natural textures and laconic decorative elements transform the modest space into a place where functionality and character are important.

Due to the complicated relief, the windows in the room are located high under the ceiling. Therefore, the primary task was to create a comfortable space that does not dominate the person, but creates an easy modern look to match the owner.

The narrow long room is divided into two parts: rich textures and objects of art coexist with extremely strict sand volume.

The black marble table top and the graphic elements of a dark shade helped to add contrast.

As a result, the interior really turned out to be calm, respectable and tune-up for business.