Realized project of a two-story house in the South Ural. 1000 sq.m.

The owner wanted the layout to perform several scenarios. We have planned rooms for recovery and sports, places for parties in a large company, both inside and outside, organized guest bedrooms, playrooms and children's rooms for a large family. The bet in the interior is made on minimalism and functionality.

The main thing in the interior is minimalism and functionality. First floor is filled with air and light, everything unnecessary is hidden. Natural materials, wood and stone textures filled the ascetic space with warmth and comfort and favorably emphasized the cleanliness of the lines.

We have created a house with an atmosphere that helps the owner - a professional athlete - gain strength, relax body and soul in a series of exhausting competitions.

Exclusive multi-level light scenarios in their own way reveal monochrome shades in combination with textures, adding elegant touches.

Living room

Soft light permeating through the panoramic windows and reveals the delicate edges of shades, spreads over the leather and warm wood, breaks the smooth pattern on the floor with a bright beam and reflected in the mirror.

The interior of this living room attracts with its simplicity. The verified details, restraint and nobility determine the central zone of the house.

The light planes of the walls and the floor are effectively contrasted with the center of the composition - the structure, decorated with lath panels and the finest ceramic tiles. The dark volume fulfilled the role of a partition between the functional zones and contained kitchen furniture on the one hand, and an audio system and a biofireplace on the other.


Modesty and sophisticated beauty. The combination of these two aesthetics we laid in a kitchen-dining room in double-lighted volume with panoramic windows, a weightless staircase and an exit to the open terrace.

At first, we had the image of a high-tech and at the same time cozy air-filled kitchen. It set the shades and textures in the interior, formed the design concept of the whole house. Two dominant colors give perfect saturation and depth.

The small working area is elegantly hidden behind the laconic volume of dark wood. Textured facades with hidden fittings completely fit into the housing niches, revealing contrasting metal surfaces.

A large kitchen island is in harmony with the texture of light gray agate on the floor and does not weigh down the space. The sink, a cooking hob and the powerful exhaust hood is built in it.

Guest bathroom

Dynamic in the nuances, flowing from room to room or calm and enveloping, but always a single image for all rooms - the foundation that forms the aesthetics of the laboratory.

The guest bathroom of the project harmoniously continues the shades and textures of the first floor interior. But the delicate monochrome gamma and minimalistic decor make the space more restrained.

Various stone patterns ideally emphasized the idea of ​​building a room in half tones and brought textures to the interior that are interesting to look at. The uniform color scale is diluted with gloss of chromeplated details and tinted glass.


The spa area is what a professional athlete needs for rest and recovery: a 25 meters swimming pool, a sauna, a shower room, a relaxation area with a comfortable sofa and a small kitchen.

Different scenarios can be changed depending on the mood, company or event: bracing morning swim, relaxing treatments or a summer pool party. In the warm season the panoramic windows are fully moved apart, combining the space with an open terrace.

The soft contrast of dark and light marble sets the correct proportions. A decorative “masculine” accent in a discreet interior, built on muted shades and diffused light — a massive panels with cigar smoke.

In addition to general aesthetics, we took into account safety, sanitary and hygienic standards - an important point, excluding any difficulties in the design of wet areas.

Master bedroom

Being in the master bedroom you realize that true harmony is the right combination of materials and a logical space.

We tried to fill the private rooms with light. Panoramic windows saturate the space with the softness of the evening sun, the partitions between the bedroom, bathroom and shower are made of tinted glass, and the dressing room is arranged in the depths of the room. All rooms flow into each other, and from the bedroom you can get to the spacious open terrace.

Wood trim brought to the interior of the heat, which is so lacking in the Ural winters. Dark complex shades of blue and gray bring peace, diffused light favorably emphasizes the texture and together with a minimum of decor creates a soft image of a minimalist interior.

Master bathroom

Only attention to every detail can create something worthy and close to you.

Expressed in freedom and communication with the environment, the interior feature is delicately revealed in the master bathroom. Translucent matte canvas doors, partitions and large mirror surfaces help to establish a mutual dialogue between the internal and external space of the house.

The bathroom is functionally divided into two zones. The first can be described as a relaxation zone: in the center of the composition is an architectural bath, overlooking the terrace. The second one is a shower and sanitary compartments, taken out of the volume of the bathroom in a separate room.

Dark frosted glass shower graphic stands out against the calm background of ashen and beige shades. The contrast of textured ceramic tiles and exquisite gray marble is set off by ceiling lights.