House in Moscow region

Minimalist architecture fills space with strong functionalism and brings a more organic feeling of pure form into it. The one-level house is designed for permanent residence, with a wide facade is located parallel to the picturesque lakeside. The double-pitch roof of the central block echoes the simplicity of the country scene. Polyline of the roof elegantly combines adjusted proportions of the elements on a facade.

Be content with small things, but pay attention to the quality of materials. Underline the beauty of the structure, avoiding decorations and inappropriate decor. Purity of forms is achieved through the use of white porcelain stoneware on the main planes of the facades. Rough stone slabs and fragile glass are drowned into the solid surface of the facade, creating the feeling of a restored architectural monument in a modern shell. Facade level difference and contrast of textures give functional honesty without excesses. Neutral gamma of the finish, peculiar to natural materials, emphasizes the geometry of the form and harmoniously interacts with the environment.

Leave only necessary but the best to form a clear volume and simple geometric shapes inside a single object. The dynamics of light is the main way of describing the sensation and mood of space. Panoramic windows fills the house with the warmth of the sun and the smooth movement of light and shade. In the evening, the profile lighting around the perimeter of the facade and in the landscape elements fills the space with a soft glow and adds charm.