Exclusive architectural ensemble in Moscow. The main house is 270 sq.m and the guest house is 230 sq.m.

Harmonious connection between internal and external, maximum of natural light and free space, careful attitude to nature and love for natural materials - this is the image of a modern house in which every detail is thought out.

We paid special attention to the nuances - the texture of the materials, the expressiveness of the lines and rhythms of even empty space. A subtle combination of simplicity and refinement is characteristic to the architecture of the land of the rising sun.

Panoramic glazing repeats the traditional sliding walls of Fusuma. In tandem with natural wood facade panels, spacious terraces, open and closed passages, it creates a natural connection between the inner space and nature, which is based on a careful and grateful attitude and the principle of its inheritance.

The main and guest houses are the modern impersonation of the life traditions of the Japanese and reflect the environment and it’s harmony. The philosophy of life and its natural course is expressed in the sequence of zones of the ensemble.

From the first meters of the driveway, the brevity of surfaces and the severity of forms create an atmosphere of silence and concentration. Parking is logically separated from the transparent common area of the main house.

The refined graphics can be traced in the strict lines of the two-level pond and the pathway that unites the buildings. The philosophy of comfort is expressed through the calmness of water near private rooms. The guest house has two bedrooms, a bath and a grill area.

Only a person with an exquisite sense of beauty and a tendency for associative thought is able to estimate the synthesis of architecture and nature, which are enclosed in holistic volumes of a single image. Design house is part of the identity of future residents. In flowering, fallen leaves or under snow cover - it will be beautiful at any time of the year.