LAD/Laboratory of Architecture and Design/ was founded in 2012 by multidisciplinary team of experts that carry out private, corporate, cultural and public projects at the international level for clients from Russia, CIS and Europe. The Laboratory staff consists of prizewinners and finalists of international competitions: Gardenia Orchidea Italy 2010 / All-Russian Competition a3d 2011, 2012 / ARTpolis 2013, 2015, 2016 /ADD AWARDS 2016 / NYC DESIGN Awards 2015

The ideology of the enterprise lies in interpretation of designing from dimensional and temporal points of view. Architecture as the most lasting thing created by human should be beyond time. Exterior and interior of buildings form person's identity influencing directly its state of mind. We, as professionals, understand the importance of this idea and as a result, we design projects meeting the requirements of the society.

Logic in projection aims the highest priority. The fundamental criteria of sustained architecture are functionality, aesthetics, ecology, economics and reliability. First of all, architecture and design is a science, so every solution and action must be justified. In architecture and design there is no place for expression that causes emotional enthusiasm only for a moment. Logic forms an idea. Totally everything, from planning solutions up to interior decoration, subordinates logic. Well-considered and valid solutions of an architect or a designer influence longevity and actuality of an object.

Process of project creation remains a mystery not only for clients but for designers as well. Using innovation technologies and standing on the shoulders of our predecessors we create objects that interact with the environment. While elaborating architectural conception, LAD experts take space ergonomics into consideration with further implement of ideas into the interior.

At the same time functionality and aesthetics are not opposed to each other, they create synthesis that allows finding optimal and unique solutions. The basis of designing is a plan. Plan develops in the direction from the internal to the external: the facade is based upon the interior. That's why we place high emphasis on planning solutions while designing projects of architecture.

The project implementation is the most complicated and most lasting stage of building process. The result depends on the way we pass this stage. We are fully responsible for all our solutions concerning project implementation, no matter what region or country it is.

There always should be a dialogue between the client and the implementer. Our work is becoming a part of the identity of future people. Relying on knowledge and logical justification, we create the space that can express your personality or your corporate culture.